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Future of Abatron Esports


We are ending the current FFA series and everyone who had participated in at least one game will get a free copy of Early Access & Full Version of Abatron! In addition, each player that had won an individual tournament will receive the Golden Manalock Skin.

We are going to move the tournament to a different game mode (Team Death Match) during Early Access. We've gotten enough feedback from the community and internally that we think it needs to be done now. 

So go and find your teammate today and practice for the new series. We will move to general community plays on trying new features until we startup again. During this development time, we are going to update the multiplayer experience by bringing on dedicated servers and the start of simple matchmaking. As always, let us know what you guys are thinking and thanks for reading. See you in the game!

Previous Tournaments, watch now!

Open Tournament

The first tournament featured eight players and ended with a tense final. Watch the VOD on twitch!

Open Tournament

The second tournament featured 10 players.
Watch the VOD on twitch. 


How To Participate!

Step 1 - Sign up

Click the "Sign In" buttons below the tournaments you want to participate and fill out the google form with your Steam Username and email adress.

Step 2 - Download the game

Visit steam and download the free demo. You don't need to buy anything to participate in the current championship.

Step 3 - Checking in on discord

Join our amazing community on discord and type your steam user name into #tournament-check-in at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts., so our admins know who is there and ready to play.