• When can i start playing FPS? 

Immediately! For each player that is on a team, a unit is given to get right into battle. The way we structured the code, you don't even have to play RTS mode at all! You are able to get technology just by killing enemies. :) 


  • Is it hard to TRANSITION between FPS and RTS?

 No, we've spent a lot of development working out the flow between modes. You are able to double click on ANY unoccupied unit to take control or simply hit the hotkey to release control. There is no limit or time constraints in changing units.  In fact, one strategy is to jump into a unit to use the special ability, jump out, and then immediately take control of another unit. Rinse and repeat as much as you desire. 


  • I'm a RTS player and I don't like FPS. 

Well, we thought of that too. You are able to play the game completely in RTS mode. Your advantage comes more in strategy and focused tech upgrades. You still have the ability to build up heroes and enjoy the battle!