New Party System Released!

The new Party System is now online.  You can now easily connect with your Steam friends and play Abatron together.  The Party system allows players to connect with each other from the Main Menu without the need of actually loading into a Lobby Map together which typically needs to be done.

To Start a party, click on the new icon at the bottom of the Main Menu screen.  A list showing your online steam friends pops up.  Simply Click to invite each friend to your party.

Once connected, you can chat with all party members or you can also whisper to individual members directly.  The Party Host takes full control of starting games once you are in a party.  When the Party Host starts a Game Type to play, they must ensure the Game Type can support the number of players in your party.  If not, a message will notify you to remove a few players.

After the Party Host starts the game all party members will be taken to the match automatically.  During Match play, the party chat is removed and regular Game chat is taken over.  Then once the match is over and the players return to the Main Menu, the Party is reconnected to the Host with a 90 second timeout.  To manually remove yourself from reconnecting to the party host, select Leave Party from the Menu Options.

The Party system was a big change and is part of a bigger overhaul of the backend systems with more updates to follow.  Enjoy!

New Training Videos also released and accessible from the Main Menu check them out and get up to speed faster! See you on the battlefield -Devero!

Release Notes .69

  • New Feature, Party System released
  • Fixed infrequent crash with texture allocation between map transistions
  • Fixed Challenges from getting reset
  • Fixed crash when loading in missions before steam stats downloaded
  • Audio Updates
  • Training Videos released accessible from Main Menu
  • Plus a ton of fixes put in from the Party System!