Our next bug smashing update is out with our focus on fixing several game play issues. 

Enchantresses have been freed from constraints when firing their Dimensional Rift ability.  Control is now in your hands on what height to create the Rift without any firing delay.  The damage done has also been fixed to accurately kill the enemy and not your allies :)

A ton of Dedicated Server fixes and there is a new tunnel on Nekros cut into the mountains on the far side of the map.  Large units like the Queen and Rocketbellies shall not pass!... for now. We want to test the potential use of adding more tunnels and battefiled obstacles in the future.

+Plus More... The core engine of Abatron has been updated to the lastest release.  It comes with hundreds of bug fixes and performance gains suited for Abatron.

See you on the Battlefield

Release Notes .70
-rocketbelly moving fixed
-take over units not working on clients fixed
-dedicated servers not resetting correctly on lobby leaves fixed
-fixed dedicated server joining a non empty server when querying for empty servers
-fixed party size to find the fullest server to join
-fixed lan servers from joing started games
-fixed monitoring of players leaving in game on dedicated servers
-fixed Reconnecting message from staying on after connecting
-fixed units not moving on clients after being a hero
-updated main menu notifications
-Nekros Map updated with tunnel pass for small units
-fixed ghost units on clients
-fixed remote client hero tiny bug
-fixed Dimensional Rift from hurting allies and self
-Changed Dimensional Rift Aiming and Firing
-Critters now defend local hives and not remote hives