Mr. Rocketbelly please do as I say!  That's right the Rocketbelly has had some awesome new fixes with him as we prep him for his next stage of development!  Now you can click on a target far away to destroy while in siege mode.  He will now un-siege, walk towards the target ignoring enemies, then re-siege when within range to bring the BOOM to the party!

If you don't want the Rocketbelly to ignore the Enemies while walking to the target, then simply click on the ground infront of the target instead of the target itself and it shall happen!

Did you hear that... Nope?  Then you will on this update.  Lots of new updates to the audio system for the Rocketbelly, Critters, Explosions, & much more new sound work.

In addition, we've knocked out another round of community reported bugs! Thanks for playing!

Release Notes .64

  • fixed units not dying correctly on dedicated servers
  • impact forces from attacks impulse ragdoll correctly
  • all attacks now generate force with hero modifiers
  • fixed colors for minigame clients
  • enchantress & rocketbelly ragdolls jittering fixed
  • hotfix for ai perception
  • fixed buildings not destroying at player defeat
  • fixed ai timing out queen when not attacking

Release Notes .63

  • Updated MiniGame Map Scene with level, Work In Progress
  • Fixed Minigame not sending idle units after waves are done
  • Fixed ESC focus when leaving gamesettings menu in minigame
  • Removed initial Firing Delay for all units
  • Shortened Manalock Targetting idle time to match other unit's time
  • fixed enemy team colors in minigame
  • fixed minimap not updating correctly
  • fixed thrasher leap distance calculation
  • improved Ai Aiming for Thrasher Lunge Ability
  • improved Ai Aiming for Thrasher Spin Ability
  • improved Ai Aiming for Manalock Charge Ability
  • improved Ai Aiming for Manalock Blast Ability
  • improved Ai Aiming for Enchantress Rift Ability


  • Release Notes .62

  • audio updates across the board.. (rb, critters, explosions, radiation blast...)
  • async loading implemented, faster startup & loading times
  • fixed ragdolls not impulsed on clients
  • ragdoll explosions now working
  • critter & queen death dissolve not working fixed
  • ragdoll teamcolors fixed
  • perf gain with explosions and lots of enemies
  • fixed connection issue when double clicking buttons
  • added searching notification dialog
  • minigame players are now on red team
  • fixed exiting minigame menu with Escape
  • added more information on the lobby menu
  • fixed ai from using taken colors from seamless travel
  • fixed large units nav mesh correctly updating last poly
  • fixed rocketbelly movement jitter around corners
  • fixed rocketbelly commanded targets while in siege mode
  • fixed bug with perception skipping targets infrequently
  • loading screen added to startup
  • fixed missing textures links
  • hitting Esc no longer shuts down the game