Steam Profiles Updated!

New steam profiles have been implemented in Abatron. Now players can progress their character level and ranks by playing matches. At the end of each game, players are now rewarded with profile experience and reputation. Improve your skills to become a Challenger or progress farther and become a Warlord. Save up reputation to get cool skins and other future items!

Steam Stats are now in place, so we can now track the carnage you do. Its the first step to doing Acheivements & Leaderboards...coming soon. A Bug ton of fixes including better Enchantress playability. No Longer will you have to flee close combat due to aiming issues, now the aiming takes in account your target location in relation to your current weapon position. Jaw Drop Get in there and playtest the latest changes!

Release Notes 1.2.61

  • steam stats implemented
  • steam profiles implemented
  • enchantress basic weapon fire aiming fixed
  • fixed crash when not logged into steam
  • fixed server crash scenario when client disconnected as a hero
  • fixed slow motion state when slower clients connect
  • reset time dilation on minigame reset
  • fixed missle aiming errors for dedicated servers
  • fixed animation on dedicated servers being out of sync
  • fixed spectate mode input being lost
  • fixed rts menu from staying on at end of match
  • fixed hud being left on if map change on minigame
  • crash fix for regular game disconnect as a hero!
  • keybinding menu fixed during lobbymode
  • fixed some errors with player matchmaking sorting