Dedicated Servers Online!

Abatron is now running on Dedicated Servers.  The new system is available in the Non-Demo version of the game.  Its been a long haul to get this point and we are happy to knock this one off the long list.  We've also just released the Abatron Dedicated Servers Tool for those wanting to host their own game servers.

Lots of new and exciting updates are in this release including our new frontend, matchmaking, & lobby minigame!  That's not to mention over 100+ fixes and code improvements.

We are also excited to send out our first round of keys to our Pre-Orders and Tournament winners.  For those winners, your names are now announced as you enter any battlefield!  Get in the game and check it out!

Release Notes .58

  • dedicated servers
  • new main menu layout
  • new matchmaking system
  • new lobby waiting area
  • new minigame available
  • fixed ai getting into a state of not firing
  • updated bot Zaebos logic
  • fixed ai bot build stall issue
  • fixed enchantress hero not dropping targets on takeover
  • fixed Manasphere Indicator broken on clients
  • removed extra checks for ai attacking current assigned targets
  • Players/Heroes are now a higher priority for Ai to attack if damaged by players
  • fixed target priority updating
  • tournament winners names added to announcer when entering battle
  • over 100+ other changes and code fixes since last update!