We're launching a Kickstarter on August 30th! In order to help spread the word, we are using Thunderclap to increase visibility. You become a part of Thunderclap when you sign up for our campaign using your facebook or twitter account. When our Kickstarter launches, Thunderclap will automatically send out ONE post about it on your behalf. If we can get enough people to sign up for this, it will really do wonders for our campaign! So please click below and join us in our Kickstarter campaign. 


You might be wondering why are we doing kickstarter.  Well, the game has came a long way since we first started, and now that the foundation has been laid, we want to finish it in a more perfect and timely way.  Abatron is ambitious in scope so we will hire more professionals to help us speed to a completed Abatron and fulfill the vision that we are determined to attain. We want awesome animations, polished effects and other systems that require time and resources. We already have talented workers who have collectively contributed work on the following games:

Doom, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Payday 2, Rage, Savage: Resurrection, Heroes of Newerth, Terminator: The Redemption, Stuntman 2, 
Fates Forever, Herobound: First Steps, Lawbreakers, ARK: Survival Evolved, Destination Sol, Starcraft Mods

OMG Bots! Released

Yes, now the time has come for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their galaxy to defend against total bot annihilation.  We have released 8 new playable bot personalities.  Play against a big, badass Rocketbelly, a thug named Goomba or Khalessi, a wicked sexy Enchantress with metal spider legs :P 

In this first phase of bots, the only game mode available is Free For All, however, Coop vs Ai will be coming very soon.  Get out there and test them out! We need to know if we made it too easy or too hard because we want it to be a fun challenge for everyone!  Once we get a nice baseline, we'll put in the difficulty ranges from that point on.

There will be several phases of bots to roll out that will improve the ai and allow the bots to use their heroes.  I'm super excited about releasing the bot heroes as soon as possible because they bring a whole different dynamic to the battlefield.  More on that later :)

Maitreapp Huh? Say What?

How many times have you seen a Kickstarter reward that was really cool but just to damned expensive to get?  Wouldn't it be cool if there was another way to get really awesome game perks without paying lots of money?  Well, we think so!  We are giving out special game perks for referring friends using Maitreapp. It's another new social app and it does exactly what we want.

Here's How:

Step 1:
Sign up with your email address at http://www.abatrongame.com/newsletter to get your maitreapp started.

Step 2:
Refer as many of your friends as possible to earn In-game exclusive Swag or the GRAND PRIZE of naming a Human Hero after yourself or someone else of your choice!

Thanks for all the great support and feedback.  I've been blown away by our already awesome community.  Last night I spent several hours just reading emails filled with detailed responses that are motivating and will help shape the future of Abatron.  Thanks and tell your friends!


New Build 1.2.36 Release Notes:

  • Bots Released, 8 Personalities unlocked to play
  • Fixed a ton of bot bugs
  • Audio Updates and Fixes
  • Planned structures with units blocking, now push units away
  • Decreased formation spacing
  • Building rally points now have formations
  • fixed impact effects lifetime to correctly kill itself
  • Rocketbellies that are sieged, will unsiege, move, and resiege
  • Max selection size to 30
  • Crowd control turned on to avoid stacking
  • dev slow motion hotkey removed
  • fixed max players correctly to map size
  • fixed issue where win conditions would not end the match for a host
  • Unit movment commands now move to location if clicked on teammates