Its true, when you are part of an indie team you end up wearing many hats.  One week you're a programmer, the next an animator.  Before the end, everyone becomes a marketer by necessity.  A digital carpenter is exactly the role of any indie dev.

What makes it really great at Abatron, is that every team member is ready and willing to jump in and do what ever needs to be done.  I want to call out and thank the team for all the hard work that goes unnoticed behind the scenes.  


We started using the new Sequencer tool last week and here is the first test run with it.  We had to integrate some changes for our game, but now we can start recording gameplay for future videos ;)

Thrasher Updates!

The Thrasher leap ability just got 10 times better.  Fixed, you can now leap up very steep inclines. And leaping towards small units like critters is much more effective.  

We also felt the ability wasn't strong enough in comparison to the other units being played. A new shock wave component has been added along with its new effects.  Play it and let us know how you like it :)

More Feedback... we are listening!

Thanks for all of the great feedback we've received thus far. As a result we have already made many improvements. Beyond obvious changes to movement control and hotkeys, found we needed more training for first time players.  

In the next update, a new objectives system has been implemented.  Basic game play is given out in small chunks as the need becomes evident.

There's much more but that's it for this week's blog.  I need to get back to Sequencer ;)