Excitement is building amongst the team as we grind away countless hours on Abatron development.  Last week the team got some friends to play test the game.  It went really well and we got some valuable feedback.  Getting fresh eyes helped us identify several gaps in our learning curve.

Level up your structures!

Now you can level up your buildings just by creating units.  After X number of units are built at a structure, it will level up. As each new unit is created, it will be advanced to a higher level with more health, more attack damage...etc.  Levels are based on a per building basis, so if you lose the building, the level is also gone. =)

The new approach already feels really good in the game.  Our goal is to avoid deep RTS mechanics, but to use some of its advantages in a fresh new way.

Death Evaders no more..

We've been making some major improvements on the mechanics of PVP for our unique game mode.  Now when you take damage from an enemy player, you become locked inside your unit for 5 seconds.

This eliminates the players cheating death as a strategy and encourages more mastery of PVP skills.  We found that we enjoyed skillfully evading near death situations as much as actually killing the enemy  =)

Critters don't bother me!

Critters now are neutral in the map and will be more avoidable when a player sends troops across long distances.  However, if you provoke them they will still swarm you.  The Queen critter has also been changed in the same way.

We also reduced the size of the swarm in the early phase of game.  Then, as the game progresses, each swarm will gain in level and become stronger with fewer numbers.  With these critter changes, the use of them becomes more of a player choice than a random occurrence.

That's it for this week's blog. Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the fireworks. =)

Latest Release Notes

  • Critters are now neutral as default and level up over time
  • Queen collision updates, enabled wandering, jumps...
  • Backing up into units is much better now
  • Jumping in/out of units with single key now "F"
  • Updated to Engine 4.12.4
  • Parking spot now implemented away from base
  • Parking spot will be set when player moves ship
  • Player can move ship again
  • Changed ship height, ship ranging, & trace changes
  • Reduced ship size by 30%, increased braking and movement
  • Camera movement brakes to zero immediately
  • Mouse edge scrolling implemented
  • Quit button removed from in game menu
  • Cost of walls reduced, 50% reduction in matter
  • Fixed alt+tabbing out puts you in spectate mode
  • Fixed the blurry problem-- packaged game was running at 66% resolution
  • Push drone spawn out farther
  • Start in commander mode is default, made a game mode option