Our latest newsletter just went out to all our subscribers.  We sent a survey along with a brand new Enchantress wallpaper.  Make sure you fill out the included play test survey.  We will build our online testing schedule from the replied results. 

We're already super excited about all of the replies received thus far.  Comments like, "Ready to start!" or "Yes! Yes! Yes!" are really great to read and drives the team to greater diligence and excellence. I can't wait to get in game and play with all the new and wonderful people.

4.12 or bust...

We just finished migrating Abatron to the latest version of Unreal Engine 4.12.  There were several fixes and optimizations that we were super excited to apply to the game before beginning our online tests.  UE4 is by far the best thing since sliced-bread... except for Swedish fish.  We are grateful for everything Epic has done recently for developers.

Get out of my sandbox.

After the long holiday weekend and play test, we resumed prepping the game for subscribers. We continued updating the rest of the game menus and tool tips; plus we added a few much requested features to the new RTS user interface.

A lot of back end work and layout changes are ongoing.  We are currently going through and removing all development files and reducing the game size 40%.  Then, onto the ever growing task list =)

That's it for this week's blog. Thanks for reading!