The last few weeks have been a sprint to get in as many new usable components as we could for online testing.  Our focus has been player transport and experience.  Mainly, a player will be able to get into a game, play the game, and exit the game seamlessly.  

As developers, we tend to hurry up and proto-type things which are only dev friendly.  After getting a new set of eyes, we have made several changes:

All Game UI Update Complete

We finally got the last set of ui updated.  Now, from starting the game to ending the game, the flow is smoother.

Announcer System Updated

Currently, when you go on a killing spree, everyone will know about it. =) When your base gets attacked, you will be notified; alarms will sound.

Audio System Updated

A brand new audio structure has just been implemented to produce better sound mixing.  We made it tough on ourselves due to the application of FPS, TPS, & RTS modes.  Now our new system will switch between different audio profiles based on the selected play mode. 

Let the GG's begin!

We have implemented a new chat system, so now you can talk to other players.  The chat also spits out game info as needed

Mavis Beacon Abatron...

The instructor system has been updated to be more intuitive and reactive.  The system now shows more tips and all the tips automatically stop showing over time.

The list goes on and on for the latest changes, so I will sum it up with a #@$% ton of bug fixes =)  That's it for this blog. Thanks for reading!