Sometimes in game dev you opt for changes that just don't work. Then again, some of the time you make changes that leave you craving for more.  I know I've said many times that ITERATION is the key to improving game play success. I'm a believer and can't stress it enough.  

Our past few play tests have become really addictive now that we have picked up the pace in early-game. We have noticed that playing a game for 30 minutes and losing is far better than investing 1.5 hours and losing.  However, winning is always preferable regardless of the time spent. =)

Stay out of my backdoor!

Thanks to Rod, we have eliminated a weakness that, until now, was super frustrating to players. There is nothing worse than building up an army and running off to fight an enemy, only to find a player lying in wait to single-handedly ambush your homebase.  Don't get me wrong, ambush attacks are just fine, but using a single unit to fly into the vulnerable areas of your base to destroy you is not fine.  Rising blood pressure and loud rants have kept victims up late at night.  =)

New this week, Manaspheres now have a default protection.  As they are getting attacked, radiation pulsates the surrounding area.  The damage given is large and is spread evenly across all invading enemies.  So a single attack usually results in almost instant death, but with the help of a few comrades, it's only a bee sting.

The Queen Critter.

Another new feature this week is something that has been shelved for a while.  Now, during mid to late game, a Boss Queen Critter will spawn near the center of the map.  Players can fight the creature to subdue her.  Once she is subdued, you will have the ability to control her to attack your enemies.  Her hard exoskeleton absorbs most damage while she inflicts heavy damage to structures. This optional objective encourages players to fight for control of the Boss Queen. Mainly, it is an advantage to help keep opponents from becoming stalemated in late-game.

We've had an awesome week of bug fixes and polishing. Also, we have something special for our newsletter subscribers to watch (*hint) in the near future.  So, if you haven't signed up yet, the clock is ticking!  Thanks for reading =)