We have some pretty exciting news coming out of the team this week. We had a meeting and put together a final list of items to be completed in preparation for alpha testing.  Our focus for the next few weeks will be getting people into the game easily and provide them enough info to quickly learn how to play.  

In our next newsletter, we will be sending out a play test schedule survey and selecting the first round of players for our online test.  So sign up to get involved!

GUI Overhaul...

Yeah, its that time. Updating the user interface is long overdue.  We have completed about 50% of the process of putting in new menus in every part of the game.  Now, they correctly reflect current game play design.  We chose to go with a simpler and cleaner look.  The old design was a little busy and took focus away from the game play. 

What...am I doing?

There is nothing worse than playing a new game and not knowing what to do.  I recently had this experience with a game I played. It was very frustrating.  We want to make sure that players can learn the game quickly, so we are updating our instructor and tip system.  As they say, easy to learn but difficult to master.  In a recent blog, we stated that having a basic base pre-built really helps new players. So we are going forward with that idea in all aspects of the game.

Get me in the game NOW!

We implemented a new lobby system for creating games and servers.  We are trying a different approach than other games are using, as far as we know.  We have put our lobby inside the map so that the players can easily spectate the map and converse with other players while waiting for the match to fill up.  Also, if you create a game, lets say "4v3 Comps", but you want to start the game early, all players can vote to start immediately.

As you see we've been busy and working hard to get Abatron ready to test.  That's it for this week, I've got to get back to work =) Thanks for reading!