Hi, everyone. We've got some exciting changes ready for play test.  For the past two weeks, stability of the game has been rock solid so we switched our focus to cleaning up the rough edges of game play.  We revisited player movement and unit mechanics to ensure they have OOMPH, aka "The Feel Good Factor".

Simpler FPS controls.

Unless you were the programmer, keeping straight the combinations of keys to hit was getting more and more complicated, especially for new players.  Gamers need to know what ability to use, instead of how to execute it.  So we overhauled the system to use the same single key press across all unit abilities.

Beyond the controls, we drastically improved targeting enemies across the board.  Abilities are now easier to aim and use. Specifically,  third person aiming has been revamped to make it much more precise on what you will hit =)

Friend or Foe?

There is nothing worse than arriving late to a battle, except shooting your own units when you arrive.  For far too long we have had issues in visually determining who is friend or foe, particularly in large battles.

Several new features were developed this week: First we started rolling out team colors that are built into the unit's materials.  Secondly, we enabled a new "outlining method" to identify the enemy with a red outline once he appears in your crosshairs.  Thirdly, the cross hairs now animate and change to red when an enemy is sighted and within range.

Engine 4.11 & Unclutter my HUD!

We have updated Abatron to use the latest features of Unreal Engine 4.11.1.  Tons of performance updates and new tools make this one of the best releases from Epic to date.

In addition, we started putting in the new hud for players.  We took away all of the busy artwork and focused more on relevant player information.  Now you can see your cool down more clearly and more easily identify the keys that are used.  Previously, we had to use green orbs that filled up and were highlighted, but not clearly understood by new players.

These great changes and many others have made Abatron more fun to play and more user friendly.  Keep tuned in to find out the latest updates. Thanks for reading!