During our recent play, we have been banging our heads over an ever emerging problem.  How could we properly reward player skill during the process of doing battle with other players. Something we really enjoyed in game play was the fact that once you died in FPS mode, you auto hopped into the next closest unit.

This hopping kept the player in the battle for a longer period of time and allowed him to continually push ahead. The player penetration was really amazing, if not godlike, in some base sieges. However, it presented a problem when the first attacking player always won in the end. The defending player couldn't get ahead of the onslaught in his effort to go on to conduct his own offensive battles.

Death penalty added!

Now, when you die, you have a rejoin delay.  The delay scales longer as the match time extends.  What we learned is that there was no fear of death and every battle was a mass kamikaze.  Player skills didn't matter as much and there was no cat and mouse scenario where you would back off a more powerful player.  In fact, the game was mostly about killing non-player units. We believe this is a better way to keep the players godlike, reward player skill, and keep the game from going too long.  It also refocuses the attention on killing players first and units secondarily.

Basic bases built...

We have changed our default game mode slightly.  Players now start with a basic base that has certain pre-built defenses.  Previously, players were forced to place walls and turrets first, taking away from the real fun of battling.  Though it's only a basic pre-build, it gets players a nice jump start into mid-game.  We will offer a blank slate mode in the future for gamers to try.

Increased player max level.

Instead of limiting players to five levels, they can now advance to level 10.  With each level increase, one of the player skill sets, such as its abilities or basic attack, is improved.  The player abilities also receive a reduction in cool down in each progressive upgrade along with damage increase.

Nekros Core expanded...

Nekros has undergone a  complete and major expansion of the travel lanes.  Now, larger forces can travel, without obstruction, on the paths to the enemy's base.  Justin has spent a lot of time remaking the paths, thereby creating a better player experience. In addition to the travel lanes, the bases are now bigger, allowing more room for navigation of forces. Previously, we felt a little cramped when laying out our base and moving our units around.

Stay away from the light!  Justin has also created more noticeable critter spawn points and special dwellings from which they can emerge.

There have been so many updates to the game these past two weeks that it's amazing to watch the game evolve.  I enjoy working with the team each and every day as the game unfolds.  Until next time, thanks for reading. =)