The total player experience is made of many parts that need to work together to form a memorable and gratifying one, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together to complete a visual image. 

As such, it is important that the player continually receives feedback for his actions in the game in order to stay and feel connected.  In Abatron, we keep improving our focus on these aspects of game mechanics.

How much did I hurt you?

Sometimes when you shoot an enemy,  you would like to know how much damage was inflicted. New this week, "Combat Damage" text now shows up for the player.  You can more easily gauge the most fitting attack against opponents.

The next logical progression from the combat text would be designing a way to show how much life a unit or player has. That's what we ended up doing. We now have health bars for enemy units. Now, strategies emerge for unit killing order and priority.  Looking back, it amazes me at some of the small details that tremendously improve game play =)

Its Gyrotastic!

I'm super excited about getting the new Citadel into the game.  The previous version was a carry over from the original Abatron. Upgrading was overdue.  This spinning colossus now merges genetic engineering with the power of Dark Energy.

Drawing from untapped forces of the cosmos, the gyrating heliospheres atop the structure, produce the energy required to create Manalocks and Enchantresses.  Both units wield abilities imbued by Dark Energy.

.....And so much more.....

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