Seconds after the match started,  I quickly created a  wall defense to defend against Jason's anticipated critter rush attack.  But victory would not come that easily for him .  Within moments of the turrets warping in,  Jason began  bullying my defenses with hordes of critters.  They fell like drops of water.

I gambled that he would quickly follow up with a  troop of Thrashers, so I finished fortifying my base with many more turrets and walls. Then, as if on cue, here came a horde of Thrashers running wildly to within  reach  of my long range turrets.  After obliterating his warriors, I set out to assess my own attack force.  Mixed within my legion of Thrashers, were a few Manalocks.  I rallied my troops and sent them toward Jason... BOOM!  

My computer screen started to load up the main menu.  I had lost connection to Steam and was no longer in the game.  I felt robbed, and just as I was beginning to bring the hammer down on my enemy.  I tried to rejoin the match, but unfortunately had to build a fresh new base from scratch.  I knelt down to the Internet Gods and asked..... why... oh why....?

The Internet Gods may have not been listening, but the team was.  New this week. You can now reconnect to games that you disconnected, for whatever reason. Plus, you keep the base and units you already acquired.  It's something that has been on the backlog  for some time, but just hadn't made the priority list.  This week it did!

Path Widening...

A major change is taking place on our map design.  We are now making the major routes through the maps much wider.  Thanks to continued play testing, we found that choking the path is too much of a penalty for offensive attacks.  In the beginning, we thought the best strategy would be to create environmental choke points.  However, with the dynamic wall building, players can easily create their own artificial choke points.

Justin is doing a great job going back and making these changes.  The initial work has already made a big difference in the ability to break down heavy defenses. It also creates the  possibility for as many as  five rocketbellies to walk side-by-side toward an enemy base. Such a spectacle is visually awesome and certainly alarming.

Demo Recording...

A few months ago I started  building Abatron's version of the demo recording tool.  Recently, I had the opportunity to apply a few more days of work to the project. Now, I'm happy to say, its really working well. We are able to record play sessions and watch them afterwards.  Its actually much more addicting than you realize, to watch the battle you took part in.

Later, we plan to integrate more items into the tool for players use. But even now its great to see your strategies in action and to have the ability to identify any areas that need to be changed or  corrected.  Eventually, it will be possible to stream the recorded game to a server so that spectators can watch semi-live games.  Very excting.... but more on that later.

That's it for this week.  Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming!