New in this week's addition is the first pass of the announcer system.  I've been anxious to put this feature into the game.  Too many times I've been out battling my foes only to be confronted with a "defeated" screen pop-up from out of no where.  Now you will be alerted when your base is under attack or when your forces have engaged the enemy.

We have divided the system into the Match Announcer and the Game Play Announcer.  The Match Announcer informs you of game events such as when the match begins or when other players join the battle.  The Game Play Announcer is race specific and has a pleasant contrasting voice narrative.  It informs you of key events during the battle and cheers you on when you are dropping bodies in FPS mode.

Collectors and balls redesign..

A big change is coming down the pipeline.  After much play testing, we found the current Manasphere design is hindering game play.  It takes up too much real estate in your base. Big units have a hard time dealing with collectors and the  fixed spacing requirement forces us to hard code the base location instead of utilizing dynamic placement.

The current manasphere is one of the last few relics remaining from the old Source version of the game. It's time for an upgrade.  Rod has starting putting together new concepts as shown.  It is very early, but we are trying to be true to the Haagenti style while at the same time keeping an open mind. More updates to come later.

Removing the tin can!

Kevin has been hard at work modeling the new Citadel.  Jokingly, the old one did look like a tin can. The Citadel harnesses dark energy used to create Manalocks and Enchantresses.

Those gyroscopes at the top spin to fuse the dark energy into the flesh of its created units. Plus, I get a feeling of Barad-dur in Mordor when I look at it.

When it is finished it will be handed off to Rod and then I get to put in the game! =)  I already have a ton of ideas for VFX.  Its going to look sharp.



The last bit of good news to share,  Ohgr, our sound guy, is back to work.  He was called to military service for the past two months.  Although he did good helping refugees, we are glad he is back!  

Thanks for reading! =)