No, i'm not hungry for a tasty turtle treat.  I'm talking about the dreaded RTS turtle player.  A turtle player is one who relies solely on heavy defenses and rarely risks offensive attacks outside his base, hence retracting into his turtle shell. =)

This is very typical of beginning players who use this as an effective way of warding off rush attacks.  However, it's a very difficult developmental problem to solve and can lead to match stalemates.  We've had some issues with  heavy defenses.  

Thus we've been adding various  strategies to crack them.  One way is to play FPS. This gives units penetrating abilities.  Another recent strategy was to use map critters which can be baited to attack other player bases. Going forward we will continue to find multiple ways to combat this issue.

Balancing the Scales.

"Its getting addictive!", is  a quote we hear from some of the team members  as we continue to do play testing.  However, we have found that we need more and more balancing while at the same time adding more content to the game.  What this means is more and more play testing.  Over the past weeks, we have gone from playing every Friday to playing 3-4 times a week.  Each iteration gets closer and closer to a well balanced game.

Alpha Testing Signups!

What!  Yes, we are very interested in getting some players in the game early to provide feedback.  Look out for signups coming soon.  If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you are all set.  Other wise, what are you waiting for?  More details on that later!

Thanks for reading and Game On! =)