Does your Ai chase you mindlessly and Pew, Pew, Pew?  I sure hope not.  One of our goals for Abatron is to have some built in auto strategy for the Ai.  Sure, I'm talking about the ability to choose and switch targets intelligently. But what about the things you don't think about?

Lets say you send your melee unit to attack a ranged unit,  but the range unit is running away from the melee  while it is still shooting at him.  A problem we had, but solved, was the melee  not timing its swings correctly to actually land a punch.  He would run into the unit causing him to stop, then it would swing.  

By the time the swing was completed, the ranged unit was out of melee range.  By applying a bit of code magic,  each melee  now takes into account its approaching speed in order to begin the swing at just the right time to successfully land a punch.

New Battle Arena!

This week we put in some more visual updates.  First up, we replaced the old battle arena with the new version.  The battle arena builds our behemoths, the bonecrusher and the rocketbelly.  Rod did a great job of texturing,  making it far above the quality of the old model. No comparison.

The idea concept was to take a factory and apply some organic characteristics.  What better way than adding raw intestines to the recipe?  The next phase will be to add particle effects and some minor animation.  I can already see the intestines jiggling grotesquely as flames shoot out of the red hot inferno =)

Moar Explosions...

Last week, I literally killed my pc.  It could not handle the massive Maya simulation without crashing.  Kevin kindly swapped computers with me so that I could finish my explosion work.  However, even his beast of a pc crashed a few times.  After rebuilding my pc by swapping out parts, I successfully  rehabilitated  the malignant old girl. So now the simulations continue.

As the simulations are running, i'm quickly assembling the effects ingame.  Above, you see the first pass on the rocketbelly missile explosion.  It's no longer just a green blur.  It's amazing how changing a particle effect can give new and greater life to the game  play.

We have a huge new build to play test tomorrow with a lot of core changes.  I can't wait to get the feedback from the team.  I'll talk more about that next week.  Thanks for reading!