This week has been an eye opening experience.  We decided to do focused play testing by  requiring the team to play RTS mode exclusively.  I know that I and a few others slipped back to old habits a few times, but we quickly jumped back into RTS. =) In spite of the fact that Tamara and Justin dominated the matches, we were able to identify several key areas that needed improvement.  

I call this new set of improvements the frustration factor.  For example, trying to find  and click buttons on menus during a fast RTS battle is just too frustrating, especially for newer players.  One of the changes will be providing a hotbox that will give  commands in RTS.  The hotbox approach will always have the commands pop up at the cursor and is "smart" depending on what is currently being selected.

Although several of these changes are relatively minor to game play, it does allow the player a  more continuous experience when in battle.  Before we begin building the number of people that play the game, we need to rid the game of any issues that are likely to cause frustration.

Blowing things up

I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I do VFX simulations.  I now have a real excuse to research explosion videos and watch them in slow motion, instead of just doing it  for fun. When time allowed, and I could get away from my coding responsibilities, I spent several days making new explosions.  

I have nailed a great workflow between Maya2016 and UE4 and can't wait to get everything put into the game.  I just hope my overworked and aging pc can hold out long enough to finish its necessary assignments... lol

That's it for this week's blog. The team has been working hard behind the scenes on less glamorous things and won't, therefore, be to written into this blog.  Thanks for reading!