Welcome back from the holidays.  Now it's time to get up and get back on the horse.  The holidays were great, but I'm glad they're over so we can get back to full steam on Abatron.  I'm excited about our huge playtest scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.  Everyone's been anxious to try out new maps and a bunch of other additional features.

Flap, Flap, Flap...

Fly above your enemies and unleash a barrage of machine gun fire upon them.  Or perhaps you would rather spend your time incinerating flesh instead. Now you  can with the Dracken!  This week we started unlocking the Dracken unit for gameplay testing.  Over the next few playtests we will be turning on features of his abilities for balance.  More on him coming soon!

Slashed in half.

We keep an active changelist but after each playtest the list seems to get longer and longer.  Rama and I spent a majority of the week cutting the list in half.  Fixing different game situations is an ever evolving task as we keep adding more units to the gameplay.

Menu and HUD Updates coming soon!

Rod has been furiously concepting out a new look for the abatron Menus and HUD.  Unlike our previous creation we are now making a more simple and sleek design.  Check out a sneak peek.

That's it for this week.  Thanks for reading!