The goal for this week's play test was to try new strategies.  I knew that some of our team members had settled into their own style of playing, and I wanted to disrupt them.  Since the Dracken was the newest playable unit, I went straight tech. It almost cost me the game, but in the end I was victorious.  

You should have seen Justin's Wallagedoon. A massive number of walls surrounded his base.  Kevin had to sacrifice many units to break through.  A pure FPS player, Justin, didn't realize he would become addicted to building RTS walls... lol..

The play test went smoothly.  We started playing and the next thing we knew it was already 2 hours later.  We were amazed at how much fun we had. The balancing is getting closer with each build and the strategies are taking shape.  We can't wait to start doing some twitch streams as we play the game in the coming days. =)

Flying football no longer....

This week we got to remove our old ship design with the new "locust".  We've made jokes about the old one looking like a football that made babies with a pineapple.  No more, I tell you.  Jarlan did a great job modeling and Rod's texturing looks awesome.  

The locust is actually a cross of metal and organic elements.  It uses its leg-like appendages to propel itself forward.  It is a little slow to start, but it quickly picks up speed. The Locust is used mainly to build structures, but it also upgrades to a devastating super weapon.  


lately I've been splitting my time between programming and making visual effects.  In an effort to get video ready, I created a new effect to warp in buildings.  Our original idea turned out to be just too expensive, so will killed it and went with this new voxelization effect.  As the model grows, the inner layers are drawn with wireframe.  Then a secondary layer sweeps across, subdividing the surface.  Finally, an infusion of voxels transition up the model to reveal the final texture. 

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading!