Early in the battle I ignored my defenses.  I built up my resource gathering and went on the offensive.  My plan was simple: build up some money for tech and rush the closest player to slow him down.

My plan backfired horribly. As I was running to the enemies base, I saw a critter that just needed to be killed.  So I obliged and brought him death.  However, he had friends and his friends had friends.  From all sides, I was swarmed and torn apart.  But their taste for meat hadn't been fully satisfied until they continued towards my base and completely destroyed me.

Shortly afterwards, Rod sent a small force to my base just to find critters.  He too died when he brought upon the wrath of the scourge. He was overrun at his base.  Kevin stood victorius even though the credit went to the bugs..... =)

Creepy Crawlers...

We've made many updates to Sting since the last time we talked about him.  From our earlier blog, we pointed out that he is one of the critters that roams and scavenges the map. Now he has a melee attack using his razor sharp teeth and he has a medium ranged tail shot as well.

Up close, he can easily tear through flesh and metal.  However, he is deadly accurate with his tailshot from a distance.  Also new on the list and one of the coolest features, is his ability to flee from the enemy while still being engaged with the enemy.  His behavior enables him to switch between both attacks during battle in order to gain the upper edge.

Release the Swarm!

If sting wasn't already deadly enough, we've introduced the new hive manager.  The hive now controls the critters with a common swarm mind.  In a threatened state, the hive can release swarms of critters onto attackers.

Now the level designers can easily add more strategy into the environment by strategically placing these hives throughout the map.  It serves as a dual purpose: it gives the opportunity for fps players to gain experience, or be used as a weapon if executed correctly.  For example, if you see an enemy army run by a hive, shoot the hive, or critters near them, and watch all hell be released.  We've already had a ton of fun play testing with this new feature. =)

Time to compile the next steam build!  Thanks for reading!