Tick tock, the match starts.  I quickly put up a simple wall and turret to hold off any rushes from other players.  Then I proceeded to build a sizeable manalock and thrasher army.  With confidence, I marched them to take down Kevin.  As the army approached his base, I jumped into the leading unit to charge into battle.

I leaped past the first of his defenses just seconds before my demise: a dead-on missile  launch.  As I frantically searched for my next unit to play, I discovered that my lifeless and broken army lay scattered across the battlefield.  My forces were completely wiped out!  Kevin's rocketbelly defense was no match.

Hi, everyone!  Last week's playtest was awesome.  We have solved some of our remaining  game play bugs, taking the game to new and improved levels of play. Oh, and we got to play several new fun test maps.

New Flow Maps!

Kevin has been working several new flow maps.  Before committing environment models to a map, we like to play them in the most basic form possible.  We grind out all the gameplay scenarios to make sure that problems aren't created by the design itself.  We have narrowed down the choices to 3 flow maps from over 10 different ones.  I know which one is my favorite already from the last few tests =)

Game Balancing...

We actually did several steam builds over the weekend to balance out the rocketbelly.  We came to the conclusion that rocketbellys with surrounding walls and turrets were too overpowering.  

Adjusting balance can be a fickle bitch.  Changing just one variable can cause a butterfly effect, dynamically effecting gameplay choices.  After a full weekend of testing, we believe we have come out with a much better and more fairly balanced setup.

We also adjusted the existing economy by changing the build tree to more quickly defend early rushes. Players now start with a drone and a little bit of matter, making building a defense turret a  much faster process.

Thanks for reading and until next time.  GameOn!