The past few weeks have been crazy with all the holiday travels and celebrations. But we've managed to put in a lot of updates and fixes to Abatron.  Thus our last playtest was amazing! The changes that let us  to stay in battle really made a big difference.  We also played a couple of new maps that added a lot to the game play experience .

Our plans for the new year are simple: get Abatron into your hands.  We are getting a fun and stable build ready for video and live twitch streams.  Once we've accomplish that, a demo won't be far away.  Until then, keep warm as you absorb the heat from  this screenshot radiation =)

Listen to me!

We've spent a large amount of time revamping our Ai system to be more interactive during battles. It required a huge refactor, but in the end the units are moving while attacking and at the same time can give orders to approach enemies dynamically.  Previously, once the enemy was engaged, the ai did its own attack plan. Now plans can  be given during the attacking phase.

Attack profiles and so much more...

As we keep adding units to the game play, we keep finding better ways to move data around.  One of our biggest changes lately is the way we attack other units.  Now units, aren't categorized as melee or ranged, but all can do both and switch between attack types in real time.

Plus, improvements have been made to base building and a bunch of fixes  have been implemented as a result of  recent play test experiences.  More to come, thanks for reading. =)

 The Abatron Team wishes you a safe and Happy New Year!