Hi, everyone. It's Jason. I'm super excited about this week's upcoming playtest.  Certainly a lot of us are still recovering from food comas, but that hasn't stop the team.  We've held a turkey leg in one hand and smashed keys with the other, pushing the game to new and improved levels.  Its getting harder and harder to stop playtesting the game now and move on to other important things. I believe that's a good thing.  =) 

The team is driving hard to get a demo version of the game ready for public viewing. Yes, that's right. We think a demo is the perfect way to give you a taste of what Abatron is really all about. *SPOILER ALERT* Its about bringing different players together for an engaging experience. The demo release date is still TBD, but we are getting closer every week.

What's New...

CROWD SIMULATION!  We recently added crowd simulation to help with Ai congestion.  Now when you send out attack squadrons, they will sidestep each other to avoid unit pileups. We also added the feature for the FPS player. When in FPS mode, the Ai units will get out of your way.

NAVIGATION HIGHWAYS!  When you have big boned units like the Rocketbelly, sometimes they can cause congestion when smaller units try to pass them.  To solve this issue, we created a highway system, so that large units, medium units, and small units will each have their own lane to use when running across the level.


Thank You...

What an exciting time to be an indie developer.  We have the Unreal Engine 4.0 at our disposal and Virtual Reality is just around the corner.  However, even more impressive is the number of community supporters who give life to this industry.  Thank you fellow Gamers and Devs for everything.... and thanks for reading.