Last week we turned on infinite resources just so we could slam the game with a ton of units quickly and repeatedly.  Justin drew first blood attacking Kevin's base right out of the gate.  With great loss, Kevin defended himself.  However, I quickly siezed the moment to aid Justin's campaign and sent my forces in to help finish him off.  For the rest of the match, Justin and I battled it out sending legions of units at each other.

In the end, Justin wanted it more than I. He took home the win.  The intensity might have been a bit much without the economy constraints, but it was a hell of a lot of fun.  I think we definitely need to expose that as an option for players who want custom game modes.

Get Eaten by Alien bugs!

Sting has made it back into the game.  He was one of the last critters we had worked on before porting our game.  These scavengers thrive in Abatron's war games.  They have taken up residence on the inside of Nekros and await for the long battles to end to enjoy their dead meat buffet.  Be careful! Do not to disturb these bugs or you might find yourself in a bad situation.

Whoops, I splattered myself!

We implemented our new splatter damage system for explosions.  Depending on how close you are to an explosion or how high your resistance is, you can have several different reactions.  Basically, if you die you ragdoll. Depending on the damage you take, you either get knocked down or knocked back a little. The exception is for player controlled units.  We are saving gibs for direct missle hits.

What's next?

Our next playtest is tomorrow.  We are super excited.  A couple of our playtesters weren't able to play last time due to a software conflict with Advast, so they are anxious to get back in with all the recent changes.  We will be focusing on new changes intended on not just getting into the battle but also STAYING in the battle.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.  Looking for more gifts for the holidays? Sign up for our newsletter for your chance to win Abatron Goodies at the end of the year!  Thanks for reading  =)