Hi, everyone. Our last play test was freaking awesome!  It came down to three: Justin, Kevin, and me.  I set up a remote command center in the middle of the map using hordes of Rocketbellies. Then in the midst of breaking down my enemy's defenses, I forgot one simple rule... protect your base!  I got caught with my pants down and with my forces out, when Kevin performed a successful sneak attack on my home base.  The defeat message came across my screen. My reign of destruction was over. :(

However, it is interesting to note that for the next half hour I spectated the rest of the game.  I underestimated the value of being a spectator in the game.  I was able to learn in more detail how the game was played by different people.  In fact, I was rather blown away by how much fun it was to see Kevin and Justin duke it out to the end.  So the next time you lose, stay in and spectate. You never know what you might see!

Get out of my way!

As you amass an ever growing army, the space around the units diminishes in size.  It makes it much harder to move units around without alot of micro-management.  Our new crowd steering works really well for units in motion, but not for standing units.  We made the units now so they will move out of the way when something wants to go through.  Moving those giant cyborg bullfrogs has gotten alot easier!

Its a bird, no its a plane, no its a Locust!

We are super stoked to watch our new main ship as it comes down the pipeline from Jarlan.  Out with the flying football with spikes and in with a much more sleek design.  Originally, the football shape was to house all the structures for building armies.  After moving the game to UE4, we allowed the player to build anywhere which means we can slim down the requirements of the main ship.  More updates on the "Locust" will be coming soon!

Reaching out to the community!

We've been spending more time getting in touch with our supporters and our social media sites.  Check out our recent update to IndieDB. It was overdue for an update.  Interested in talking about Abatron? Join our new Facebook Group and get in the conversation.

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