That's the decision that will decide your fate when an invading army charges your base.  In this week's playtest, we focused our sights on bringing down Kevin.  With the new FPS improvements, we were able to hold back Kevin's hordes.  Tamara, in particular did a great job.  She was the last man .... err woman standing.  Her quick reaction to the attack was to jump into a Manalock and become the Heroine of her race, by dealing death to all in her sights.

Crackin' Skulls & Poundin' your Base

This week we've unlocked the Manalock Ramming ability.  Charge head first into the enemy and knock down whoever and whatever is in your way.  Limited to FPS only, the Manalock Ram is a way to break up RTS strategies.  This ability also does heavy damage to structures and walls.

I  can't wait to try it out in the next playtest.  The Manalock itself is unique as my current favorite character.  When I was a kid, the Ninja Turtles were very popular, but for me, it was all about Rocksteady.   Having been heavily inspired by Rocksteady, the concept of the Manalock lets me play as him but upgraded with bad ass Laser Guns  =)

Demo Recording is LIVE!

Also out this week, the new Demo Recording Tool is online and working great.  Now you can record your games and play them back later.  Get that great screenshot, move around to watch the game from different angles, or add others to watch.  This new tool will let you pause, rewind, and take that slow motion screenshot.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time we'll continue to knock out some great game features.   If you hang out on twitter or any of our social channels, tell Tamara great job on her skillz!  She is our Awesome Community Manager.

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