Oh my! The last two playtests have been crazy. You can play FPS in anyone of your favorite units and have the ability to kill 15 or more of the enemy fighters. Yes, with only one unit. It is priceless, however a well designed strategy is a necessary part of the process. One match when I was playing against Jason, we each used the same ability in FPS mode at the same time. We literally headbutted each other and knocked each down..pure joy. 

All the units have their own particular abilities and there is an amazing synergy.  If you come up with a good strategy and you're not afraid to venture to the front line, there is a good chance that you can come out victorious.

Concept Artist here at Abatron...

It has been a long journey. I was able to be part of the team from the very  beginning, I am the one who has produced all the concept artwork for the game. If a line was to be drawn, I drew it, My name is ROD (Rodolpho Langhi) I am from Brazil. I started as a concept artist but I learned much more as time went on., Now I even do the texture art for the 3D models. It is amazing how much a person can grow when he is backed by a  great team, providing support and encouragement .

GreenTea, Thirsty?

Talking about new stuff, one of the things I learned was how to create, render, color, detail and even texture, several of the weapons we created for the units in the Abatron game. We believe in giving the player choices. With that in mind we are working to create several weapons that can be customized for each unit. One weapon that i really enjoy is the "Green Tea" (yeah we put names on the guns). We spent a lot of time doing the research and gathering references for this  PLASMA gun to get to the final render you see. 


But drawing creatures and weapons are not the only components in game building. One of the most challenging things is to build a good UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience) so the player doesn't get lost in game play. On the one hand you want a cool and stylish design. On the other hand you want to keep it clean and direct so that  information can be passed without missing anything. It is tricky. This can add a lot of flavor to the game and make it work well.

This is it for my week's blogpost. It will be fun to talk about creature design on the next blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this and don't forget to subscribe.