Although there are rumours that Rod won the last playtest, with some tiny help from a crashing server, I can assure you he did not. I did. I always win (muhahaha) because my weapon is the sound of the game.  My sounds offer a kind of hypnotic playground that lets others believe they could win,  But they are turned into my minions and are worshipping me! Whoever they think they are attacking, it is really me doing the attacking!

This is how my place looks like.

Okay, let's get a little bit serious here. Now, that I was able to change the history of our ongoing playtest wars to my favor, it is time to introduce myself. My name is Nils (@NeonInsect), I am 28 years young and located in Germany, My job at Abatron is to make everything sound great. At first, I was hired as the composer for this wonderful game but after a time the original audio engineer left the team and I was asked to take over his position.

And this is going to be a part of the plasmagun soundeffect.  It's magic ;)


Although I have worked with sounds and music my entire life, I have to admit, I had no clue about how to  design sounds for video games. Nor did I know how to work inside the engine, since I was previously a pure content creator of music. But to be thrown into ice cold water is sometimes the best way to learn; and I love to challenge myself. So I said "yes", and my real journey began...

I remember the first day when I opened the engine, it felt so different. No faders, no knobs, just blueprints. A different way of handling volumes, new terms. I had to learn a different way of thinking. Had to go out of my comfort zone and spend hours and days learning. And I am still learning. But you know what? I love it. Now I have no fears doing what has to be done. 

The wheel is a part of the Reaver's rolling soundeffect.

But what I love the most about Abatron and the unique team, is the amount of appreciation I get for my work, so much trust in my skills. It's a bit scary sometimes. I want to use this opportunity to say thanks for everything. For the chance to realize my ideas. For the resources provided to me to realize them. Thanks for letting me breath life into all those creatures and worlds. It is a feel-good job that I'm very passionate about. I feel priveleged to work with so many talented people. I also want to thank a guy that I never met in any way. Thank you, Melvin Gibson(Not the Actor =)! And last but not least, THANK YOU for your interest in our game.

With all that being said, I want to conclude this week's blogpost. The next time I write I will pull out some sounds for you and explain how I made them. And if you have any questions or suggestions for the next blog, feel free to leave a comment here. But this time I have an old/new comparsion of our current menu theme for you.