Everyone was down, except for Justin and me.  I flanked my forces to the north as Justin sent his to the south.  We hit each other's base at the same time and knew it was all or nothing.  We sacrificed our defenses and charged towards each other's manasphere, counting every second that passed.  As I got him down to 5%, I heard the bitter sound of defeat.  Justin demolished my base mere seconds ahead of me...  

Yes, we had an amazing play test last Friday.  The intensity of the matches has greatly improved.  The new balancing and abilities made the battles happen faster and more in FPS than in previous tests.  My new favorite attack is the charge.  It is so addicting, ramming down enemies as a hero among men.  Even the thrasher FPS got an upgrade.  Justin was deadly using the leap attack.  I think Justin won only because I was distracted by the beauty of his environmental works.

Rockin' it out!

Justin spent his time this week working on the texture blends.  I don't know how he does it, but damn those rocks look great.  One of the constraints we have is that we need a lot of flat areas for our game, performance speaking.  Justin is able to do a great job of balancing between actual models and fake ones.  The team is fortunate to have his experience and expertise in making Abatron.  He splits his time working on Black Ops 3 environments and on Abatron. 

Blubbering Guts....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control a monster bullfrog retro-fitted with a rocket cannon?  Your dream can be come true in the game of Abatron, We've got one of those... its called Rocketbelly. =)

We unlocked the Rocketbelly for this week's  play test.  He is heavy artillery for those long range attacks.  His belly contains a powerful rocket gun that becomes exposed when he goes into siege mode.  We are anxious to try him out tomorrow.

You won this week, Justin,  Can't wait for the rematch tomorrow! Thanks for reading!