Let the Sun Shine!

That's our mantra here at Abatron.  We've made a large number of improvements over the past week and will playtest tomorrow.  For those who don't know, Friday is the day we all get together and do heavy playtesting.  Luckily, we have team members from a number of places around the world who give us valuable online data.

Let the bodies hit the floor!

Our last playtest was pretty awesome... especially for Kevin.  He is an ex-Starcraft junkie with thousands of hours under his belt.  When he wasn't busy destroying people and making kids cry online, he created and distributed many popular custom maps.  Lets just say, there were tears shed and some are left in fear for the next round of tests.

After that playtest, we knew we had pushed the RTS side of the game much further than the FPS side.  One of the big advantages of playing in FPS mode is in the use of special character abilities.  However, we had not yet turned on all the features required for balanced gameplay.  This week we worked on enabling knockbacks and knockdowns which drastically changed the pace and feeling of FPS mode.

Root Motion in UE4...

What exactly is it?  Simply put, it is character movement driven by animation instead of the movement component or player input. When you first block out gameplay mechanics, the typical process is to just kill game characters and ragdoll them.  However, at some point, you may want to add more dynamic action and depth to the player interaction.

Root motion has made major improvements over the last few engine releases and has just become feasible for network play. So we had a Maya Party for several days and exported new animations for falling down and getting back up. 

We began working on the Thrasher leap attack.  When the FPS player leaps at an enemy target, he will lift his legs and do a kangaroo kick knocking the unit down.  If you attack from the Front, Back, or Sides the corresponding animation plays.

Several of our character abilities were inspired by some of our favorite games like Left 4 for Dead.  The thrasher leap attack is similar to the hunter attack.  It`s pretty enjoyable to jump around gut kicking enemies.

Kevin killed us last week, but this week, watch out.  The FPS guys are going to own you!...hopefully =)

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