Our vision...

  The Abatron team believes that players shouldn't be labeled by their genres.  By creating Abatron, a game everybody can play, our small indie team aims to unify the Gamer World.  Our goal is to deliver a high quality gaming experience to a diverse player base by ensuring that Abatron is simple to learn, but difficult to master.

The Quest...

  With that vision in mind, we have come a long way in the process of developing Abatron.  In the beginning of 2013, we set out on an ambitious journey using the Source engine to start prototyping our idea.  We quickly made progress and had a working proto-type in a short few months.
    We can do it all!  Foolishly, we made the typical mistake that many indies do.  We thought we could make a game that has everything, do everything, and look as realistic as a AAA game.  We found that designing and creating highly detailed characters takes an inordinate amount of time and resources, pushing our development timeline farther and farther down the road.
    The learning curve dilemma:  We ran into another production problem that became more and more apparent as time went on. After having made several characters, we found that our eventual quality of work blew away our earlier efforts. This reality forced us to do the dreaded REWORK.. We started over. This process continued until we hit the graphics constraints created by the use of an older engine.


  Mid 2014, Abatron is Greenlit.  We busted our humps to get the game to a point we could show it off.  We then focused our efforts on launching the greenlight campaign.  It was successful, but we became aware that our game needed more work to fulfill our visionary goals.  The graphics were still not good enough and other unacceptable components confronted us as well.  Around the same time the Unreal Engine 4 was released and it was remarkable.

Epic is Awesome.

  Out with the old, in with the EPIC.  Once we got our hands on UE4 we quickly realized that we could do everything we wanted to and more, but not with our existing engine.  We abruptly stopped production and began... AGAIN....  This time, we would take all the feedback, playtesting results and many of the ideas we had applied to the game thus far and do them better.  We decided we weren't just going to merely port over the existing old game, but IMPROVE it.  We plunged in head first and started the UE4 transition.
    Fast forward... a year later... now.  We have made significant progress and have made a game that is getting close for public consumption. Yay!  We have embraced the indie community and have enjoyed the new friendships built with other UE4 devs.


    Abatron has grown into more than just a game.  It's a great team that works hard and well with each other.  It's the joy we get from our frequent playtest sessions.  It's a shared vision to deliver an unforgettable player experience.  Ultimately, it's the community of gamers we want to be with and play with.  
    Share our vision and join the Abatron Community today!